6 piece – Trez Fez

Trez Fez are a Gypsy Jazz inspired band with a twist.  A flexible ensemble with a line up of between 4 and 10 musicians!

The core of the group is three guitars and flute.  Gypsy Jazz music always features a driving rhythm on acoustic guitar, with virtuosic solos over the top.  The flute is more unusual in the line-up, and gives the band its unique sound.  The band play a mixture of jazz standards, well known tunes and gypsy jazz classics.

The ‘flexible line-up’ features a number of talented musicians, including Helen Maher on accordian and vocals, Tom Sykes or Rob Shepley on violin, Brian Renney on saxophone, Eric Newall on clarinet and Steve Parry or Pete Shannon on trumpet to name a few.  The line-up is tailored to suit the gig and the venue.  For private bookings, the organiser can choose the line-up to suit them.  The band have also been known to learn one or two new songs on request.

Trez Fez’s album Undecided and DVD Live at Heysham are available for purchase – please get in touch for more details.


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